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IMPERIAL Premium Threadfin Fish Maw 100g

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IMPERIAL Premium Threadfin Fish Maw 午鱼鳔 100g

Did you know that Fish Maw is considered as one of the four treasures of the sea along with Abalone, Shark Fin and Sea Cucumber?

Fish Maw is high in collagen, proteins and nutrients. Collagen in particular provides a wide variety of skin benefits such as helping to improve your skin tone, and tissue health. Furthermore, many Chinese people considered Fish Maw as a traditional delicacy that represents fortune and health.

Some of the methods of preparing Fish Maw includes deep frying until it is puffed and soften and it is ready to serve! If you are looking to boil your Fish Maw for broth or steamboat, just make sure to soak the Fish Maw until it is soften and able to bend. During the soaking process, you can also add some ginger and shallots to remove the fishy smell, you may add cooking wine as well to further remove the smell!

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