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Truffles are a type of flavourful fungus commonly used in a variety of dishes.

In addition to their distinct taste and aroma, truffles are also highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants and may possess antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Imperial Brand Premium Black Truffle Abalones bring you the remarkably heady scent of the finest French variety, Perigord black truffles enough to awaken your taste buds. Tender and juicy full grown succulent abalones infused with all aspects of earthiness, delivering complex flavours that are woody, nutty, garlicky and yet savoury. An exquisite taste worth craving for.


Imperial Brand Premium White Truffle Abalones offering the most incredible scent and taste of the highly sought-after white truffles from Italy, Alba.  The distinct aroma of white truffle shavings fused with our delicious tender, plump and juicy abalones in rich, earthly garlic-like flavourful sauce for a true gourmet experience.

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