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IMPERIAL Premium Hokkaido Dried Scallop Conpoy

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Product details : Imperial Premium Hokkaido Dried Shredded Scallop 
Product: Japan Hokkaido Dried Shredded Scallop
Country of origin: Japan
Packed in resealable bags

Benefits: High in omega 3, Reduce muscle tension, Balance hormones, Boost brain power, Enhances soup flavours, Excellent ingredient for congee
Storage: Keep refrigerated to maintain maximum freshness

These are like gourmet stock cubes and are commonly added to congee, soups, stews, and sauces to give them a sweet, rich umami flavour. Also called conpoy, Japanese scallops are harvested from the sea and have sharper edges. They are usually caramel in colour and have a stronger fragrance. You can also taste the sea in them.

Dried Scallops has its unique umami flavour which enhances the taste of your dish, it is a highly used ingredient in Cantonese Cuisine, commonly used for dishes such as congees, soups or even sauces to infuse a savory flavour to the dish.

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