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IMPERIAL PREMIUM Superior Collagen Broth with Abalone

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Imperial Brand Superior Collagen Broth with Abalone(contains 2-4 whole abalones)

The collagen broth was prepared using finest ingredients like “Hua Jiao”花胶(fish maw), superior chicken stock and dried scallops - all double boiled for the rich beauty collagen soup.

2-4 pieces of whole cooked abalone are added and soaked in the rich flavours of the collagen soup added with Hokkaido Japanese scallops for added natural sweetness to the soup.

Simple and nutritious dishes like “Buddha jump over the wall”, “Pen Cai” and “Yi Pin Guo” can easily be created by adding desired ingredients like fa cai, sea cucumber, dried oysters to the dish and cook as desired. You can also add them to your noodles or serve on its own. 2 Packaging to choose from Can(380g) or Pouch(425g) for your convenience. Each contains 2-4 whole abalones, dried scallops and mushrooms.

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