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IMPERIAL HUAT HUAT Abalone in Brine or Braised/Canned Yoshihama Abalone

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Yoshihama Abalone 日本吉滨鲍鱼


Ingradients 成分: Abalone 吉滨鲍鱼,Water 水。Salty 盐。


Ingredients 成分:abalone 吉滨鲍鱼,Sugar 糖,Salt 盐,Chicken broth 鸡高汤,Starch 淀粉。

Net Weight 净含量:428g

Drained Weight 干重:60g

*No preservatives 无防腐剂

*No colouring added 无色素

Premium 6-12 Pieces Braised Canned Abalone 425g for Huat Huat Abalone

Product designs may came in different colours!

Nett Weight (Drained Weight) 60gm

6/ 8 /10/12 whole pcs per Canned
(Due to the shortage of stocks, you may get mixed combination for your orders. We seek your understanding!)

Long shelf life

Shipping 1 - 3 days

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