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IMPERIAL Premium Australia Origins (Ready to eat) Bald Head Sea Cucumber 1KG + FOC 1 can of abalone

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 We understand it's a hassle for the whole process of soaking the dried sea cucumber by doing it yourself.
So why not leave the whole procedure to us ! We prepare ! You ENJOY !
We uses organic method to soak and process the sea cucumbers.
Plus we will give out a can of abalone for every order placed.
Our sea cucumber has a rounder head and plumper body. Beneath the grey skin is a thick layer of flesh that makes for a softer texture. 
Modern medical studies discover a different set of health benefits from the marine creature: not only is it low in 
cholesterol and fat, the sea cucumber also has high protein and chondroitin sulfate, which helps us grow and deter the aging of muscles.
In addition, it can improve our immunity system, and the situations of anemia, diabetes and peptic ulcer disease.
Usually used for stir frying and braised in Chinese cuisine. The texture can go from chewy to soft and melting in your mouth depending on the duration of cooking and species.The average length for each sea cucumber is approximately 8cm and it ranges from 8-14 pieces per package.

Shipping 1 - 3 days

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